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Special events

Oposito company likes to explore different street art movements and formats.

The monumental is one of them, a language that is well suited to traditional or modern
collective ceremonies. It speaks to every inhabitant of the invested city.

© Vincent Muteau
© Vincent Muteau

The crowd is a person

To write a story for a city, taking in consideration its inhabitants.
Taking into account its past, its present.
Provoking modern day rituals.
Elaborating a scenario that weaves its way into the life of the city, highlighting its hidden or forgotten aspects.
Inventing legends where none existed.
Drawing, constructing images that have no fear of space, noise, wind or storm.
Finding the movement for the show that suits the crowd best.
Experiencing the combined power of ten companies incarnating
the same story.
Entering stage in the light of the setting sun, exiting it in the moonlit ocean light.

Taking the time, not to miss the opportunity…

Saturday 11 November 2006

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