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The “Rencontres d’Ici et d’Ailleurs”

The Rencontres d’Ici et d’Ailleurs is an annual street theatre festival, presented by "Le Moulin Fondu" & the Oposito Company to its town and inhabitants.

Homeport for the company in town, the event essentially takes place outdoors. In twenty years this initiative has become an event drawing an increasing number of spectators from the Paris region. The companies present are invited to perform their work, and also to take part in the monumental show where all the different teams’skills are combined.
This moment, written and directed by the Oposito Company, lends a specific and unique character to the event. It is also the privileged place for shows created at the
“Moulin Fondu” by visiting companies to meet the public for the first time.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

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