Compagnie Oposito and its performances

Les trottoirs de Jo’burg… mirage


Songs, dances, Zoulou, jazz, classical, spirituals
You forget the mess around,
That’s the way it is from Addis-Ababa to Johannesburg,
It’s beautiful, sad and violent at the same time,
We lock ourselves in but hearts open up.
Over there, when you do not have shelter,
You build one with cardboard, corrugated iron and old rags
Africa is the land of communities,
On its sidewalks, the world goes by in a parade, made of wood, iron or
Chameleons, locusts, elephants, cows, tigers and lions
Circle around Goddesses with infinite legs and fertile bodies.
Red, black and yellow totems, naked or dressed up in ceremonial clothing,
Lead open roads for masks of the ritual of death and lifes

Jean-Raymond Jacob


In the last years, the Oposito’s journeys took the company to Africa, from Ethiopia to South Africa. Subtlety and complexity were at the heart of the adventure. From reality to mirage, the strong emotional impact of those epics journeys will stay forever within the company. The kind of event that leaves you breathless, tumbles your spirit and feeds your senses. The company brings back from there its parade, a tribute to the women and children of those countries.

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Friday 10 November 2006

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