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Le Cinématophone


A co-production of Oposito and Décor Sonore

They are ten musical automatons dressed like soldiers, with heavy make up, smiling and
wandering with large and curious loudspeakers hanging over their heads.

In their midst, a gracious and fragile diva seems lost and searching. Dressed in a long 1900s robe, a heavy pearl necklace and a medusa like head piece made of 35mm film, she wanders about, her mind lost in her own thoughts. Her mysterious gestures seem to indicate a direction which the automatons accept as theirs. Sometimes chaos erupts, the automatons assail the diva or scatter in all directions.

Not a word is said; simply an extremely surprising and complex score blaring out from each automaton’s loudspeaker: marching band, opera, waltz, animals cries, even disrupted telephone conversations. A fascinating procession during which the identity of the diva remains hidden while the attitudes and postures of the soldiers will leave many in awe.

A bright and poetic event, a momentary and turbulent dream, a very curious story, a revelation which disapears without the obligatory salute in a rave of applaud.”

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© Le Cinématophone - Compagnie Oposito / Musique : M. Risse - Décor Sonore

Friday 10 November 2006

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